Process OF Inspection And Trimming

  • WHEN cold chain procedures are NOT IN place, a lot OF cargo AT destination DO
    NOT meet maximum quality
  • Produce has TO be trimmed AS stems OR outer layers OF produce IS exposed TO
  • AS TIME passes BY, the interior OF produce IS warmed AND physiological
    disorders rapidly takes place


Process OF Trimming

Produce IS left exposed TO ambient temperature waiting TO be trimmed

Outer LAYER OF lettuce turns yellowish AND IS trimmed away

MEASURES TO be taken WHEN produce IS delivered TO the cold room

  • Doors should be closed AT ALL times TO prevent exchange OF cold AND hot air
  • IF doors cannot be shut, there should be rubber sheets AT entrance TO prevent
    cold air escaping OUT OF the cold room.

Produce are left along the corridor OF a cold room. Temperature may NOT be
ideal FOR produce which IS subjected TO condensation

Wet flooring due TO condensation