Serves TO increase cargo-handling efficiency

  • Two major types OF pallets, "Europallet" AND standard pallets. SIZE OF the "Europallets" IS 800mm x 1,200mm per piece WHILE the SIZE OF standard pallets IS 1,000mm x 1,200mm per piece. A 20' container can hold eleven "Europallets" IN one tier OR nine TO ten standard pallets IN one tier WHILE a 40' container can hold 23-24 "Europallets" IN one tier OR 20-21 standard pallets IN one tier
  • Wooden pallets must be strong enough TO allow STORAGE OF three tiers WHEN loaded
  • Carton boxes must NOT overhang the edges OF the pallets. ON the other hand, boxes which utilize LESS THAN 90% OF the pallet surface AND DO NOT align WITH the pallet edge can shift IN transit


Cargo Mix

It IS strongly recommended NOT TO mix load different types OF commodity RANGE UNDER same load. SOME OF these cargo (mainly chilled fruits) has its OWN required temperature AND carrying condition (air exchange). E.g. Produces that has high ethylene content can cause rapid deterioration TO high sensitive cargo LIKE grapes, plums, nectarine. etc.

What TYPE OF packaging TO USE BEFORE transportation AND loading?

  • Correct packaging allows produce TO ventilate, transpire AND emit ethylene AND CO2
  • Produce should be packed closely OR tightly secure TO prevent bruising AND crushing during transportation. Plastic AND bubble wraps can be used TO enhance protection



Peaches were bruised due TO improper packing

  • Packaging should be strong enough TO protect AND carry the produce. It should also allow ease OF loading, unloading AND SALES